Raised the son of a Physician-Executive, Gordon’s first jobs in healthcare were mowing the grass of his father’s hospital, scrubbing HVAC duck work for the maintenance dept, and then serving in patient care as a Male Attendant – each precursor to his work in customer discovery and person-to-person engagement.

After graduating from The Citadel and serving two tours in the 82nd Airborne Div USA, Gordon earned his Masters and Doctorate in Health Administration from the Medical University of SC. He has acquired 25 years of digital health innovation, entrepreneurship, and business development experience that encompasses much of which is required by any health-related organization as health systems around the world evolve rapidly from traditional to innovative care and payment models.

He has co-founded or invested in many projects from the first web-based physician billing company, the first computer-assisted surgery system, wearables & IoT, health system operations, and creating the Universal Healthcoin – where they are reinventing healthcare finance and payment by leveraging the technologies of blockchain & cryptocurrency. (They just released their song about Crypto and Blockchain)

With his wife, Jennifer, they have adopted five special needs children, founded the non-profit OurATA.org, for speech, occupational, and physical therapy to children, and they are in the startup phase of the ATA School of Integrated Learning – a pre-school integrating therapy and education for those with special medical needs.

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