has 3 facilities comprising close to 28,000sf in downtown Augusta, all within walking distance or a short bike ride from each other; Innovation Academy, at Georgia Cyber Center, and the Startup Haus. The majority of classes will take place at the Georgia Cyber Center location on the river front, where participants will have access to a desk and meeting rooms, as well as the computer and maker labs. The Startup Haus is located approximately 1.5 miles ESE in the Historic Olde Town neighborhood. In addition, members will have access to Innovation Academy. The Innovation Academy is in between Olde Town and Downtown, inside an over 200 year old schoolhouse across the the street from City Hall. At the Academy you will find additional office and desk space available, along with a more extensive makerspace, community gardens, and a weekly farmers market.

Throughout Downtown you will find many local shops, galleries, restaurants, clubs, and theaters. There are three nearby bicycle trails (the Augusta Canal Historic Trail, the River-Levee Trail, and the North Augusta Greeneway

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