Startup Life is a Zero Barriers, inclusive entrepreneurship program designed to take care of YOU, the entrepreneur so that you can focus on growing your business. Our goal is to eliminate the barriers that exist between entrepreneurs and success. We help you learn, connect you with a mentor, and provide you with what you need to live, work, play, and succeed! Here’s a short list of key things that we provide

  1. Furnished dormitory housing
  2. Nutritious healthy locally sourced food and training with a private chef
  3. 16 week curricula in design empathy, ideation, iteration, team collaboration, customer experience, financial literacy, and automation & rapid prototyping technologies.
  4. Full computer lab, makerspace, and prototyping lab access
  5. Full coworking access with desk, wifi, coffee, and community
  6. Ongoing support through mentorship, and connections to resources, capital, and communities to scale their business
  7. Connections to business and investment community, government services, and guided educational workshops
  8. Marketing and public relations opportunities.