If there is one word to describe Dan Scheiner, tenacity would be a good choice. Dan first joined theClubhou.se a year before Startup Life began.  An army veteran, he showed up one day overfilled with energy describing his love for unmanned aerial vehicles and the projects that he had undertaken with them. At that time, Skyraider Aeronautics had just formed and was taking on any flight services that someone would ask for. Of particular excitement were two things, livestreaming aerial footage of high school football games, and surveying crops.

Skyraider launched quickly. It’s executive team gained attention with a daring vision of automated agricultural services. The realities of developing and delivering those services was immensely challenging. Running full speed on bootstraps proved stressful, leading to the breakup of the team. It was this, Dan’s living story that in many ways inspired Startup Life to begin. Could enough barriers be eliminated to allow Dan to focus his attention on making his vision a reality?

In the time since moving into the Startup Haus, Dan has continued his determined push. He rebuilt his team and raised his first round of capital. Skyraider now has several recurring clients, primarily in agriculture, but with growing activities for the insurance and construction industries. Their team has developed a proprietary data management system, and has developed relationships with the University of Georgia as well as agricultural extension offices around the region.

Dan would be the first to admit that to this day it still isn’t easy, but with determined persistence his vision continues to become closer and closer to reality.


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