Known to friends as “Tree”, Chris Crozier is used to standing out in a crowd. After working at Apple for some time, he saw that his gifts of patience, friendly comedy, and being able to explain how technology works might just be the opportunity he needed to stand out once more by starting his own business. In Chris’ words, “I had the idea of a tailored technology experience. Once I had the idea, I began to sort out how everything would work if I made it into a business and I slowly pitched it to friends.” With the support of his friends, he left Apple to create Mobile Mentors, a service based company that wants its customers to feel comfortable with technology.

With a year of growing a client base during the day and tending bar at night, Chris joined Startup Life to try and make Mobile Mentors his full time gig. While he had built a large customer following, his revenues were limited by the number of hours he could consult combined with the time spent marketing his business. Recurring revenue was the missing. After meeting with existing and prospective customers several times he developed a subscription model for training that allowed his customers to lower costs per visit, while also ensuring baseline revenues to grow Mobile Mentors.

Now with monthly revenue targets being hit consistently, he is able to free time to work with businesses and assisted living centers which allows him to train more people and begin the search for a team to further grow service capabilities in Augusta and beyond.

Chris exemplifies an attitude of success, “My customers are like my family, so checking in and following up is my favorite part of the day.”


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