What would you do if you needed to get to work and your car didn’t work?

As a musician and marketer for a local restaurant, Arthur Chapman had to answer this question more times than he wanted. For many people it’s not much of a decision. Take your car to the shop or call for a tow, maybe even get a rental; all with credit or money that has been set aside for emergencies. For many in the underserved community though, this is a much more difficult decision. A legacy of discriminatory and predatory lending practices leaves few options. With finance rates approaching 25%, they can face a choice between repairing their car so they can get to work or paying rent and hoping the choice doesn’t mean losing a job.

Arthur’s solution was Car Care Cash, LLC, an entity committed to providing fast funding for vehicle repairs in an effort to eliminate predatory subprime lending as it pertains to vehicle repair. Raising starting capital for non-predatory subprime lending is not easy though. According to Arthur, “Initially it was an idea for FinTech–an application that lets you sign up, enter information, schedule a repair and sign up for recurring payments until the repair is paid off and while that is the ultimate goal, the StartupLife program and my time at theClubhou.se have helped me to break it up into steps, finding a way to execute my model manually to generate profit that can be reinvested into the business to build the technology.”

These days with the help of his mentor, Arthur spends much of his time “meeting with potential lenders, creditors, or connectors that can help me access funding, and meeting repair shop owners and managers to get their feedback on my model.”


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