Arthur Abdon, better known as Art the Artist, is a soft spoken guy. Born in Hawaii, Art is now a retired veteran from the Armed Forces, serving for over 23 years. Hidden beneath that quiet Clark Kent exterior emerges a Super Hero once a pencil, pad, and paint are in hand. With his super skills, he started down the path of artist entrepreneur ‘artrepreneur’ as a kid saying, “I was well known as an artist in middle school and high school, so I made some money painting customized art on classmates’ clothing.”

Before joining Startup Life, Art was well known in live painting circles and spent most of his days painting while creating logos for businesses during the evening. In joining the program he was searching for how to transform his superpowers in art into reliable recurring income. Early on the light bulb flashed with the idea to teach young people how to draw and develop comics books. He spent several months develop a course called “I am a Superhero, Too!” that shows children the creative abilities they have (art, dance, music, drama) that they can consider their own “Superpowers”.

This course is now the foundation of A.S.A.P (short for After School Art Program). A.S.A.P is available now in multiple middle schools and community centers. As Art continues to help kids find confidence, he is also building a network of part time arts instructors and building digital curricula to extend kids’ superpowers into virtual and augmented realms.


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