Angel (aka Dino) Andino was born and raised in Pennsylvania. After joining the United States Air Force, his role as a Cryptologic Language Analyst eventually brought him to Fort Gordon in Augusta, GA where he had his first experience with virtual reality. Before trying VR for the first time in early 2017, he built a custom, high-end PC that could handle the fully immersive experience. PC built, headset on, controller in-hand, Dino recalls,“I put the headset on in the morning and when I finally took it off, it was pitch black outside. I was shocked when I realized how much time I spent interacting with that world… and I didn’t even feel like I was on that long.” It was Space Pirate Trainer that hooked him; ducking and dodging bullets and shooting at robot armies. All in his very own living room.

That very first virtual reality experience was transformative, to say the least. Dino had to figure out how to share the joy and elation of that first experience with the world. He joined in anticipation of his retirement from active duty. At, he found a family of entrepreneurs excited to help their peers, and decided to send in his application for Startup Life 2018.

As a Startup Life Fellow, Dino has consistently been the rudder of enthusiasm, motivating others around him through his excitement to grow a business that shares his passion with others. Entrepreneurship has not been without its challenges though. After 7 years in the military, it can be tough to manage independent schedules and responsibilities. Classes helped him to understand how to find customers, manage finances, and build networks of support. His mentor guided him through the development of a new entrepreneurial regiment, which helps him maintain the discipline of being responsive to existing and prosepective customers.

After 8 months in Startup Life, Dino’s Arcade has grown to a mobile virtual reality (VR) entertainment service that brings the best VR experience to you. Dino has since grown his business from direct-to-consumer services and now works with multiple companies, organizations, and schools, using VR in corporate team building, large audience and festival entertainment, as well as arts and science education experiences.


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